How To Look Hot & Keep It Casual At The Same Time

Girls have it hard. We want to look as good as we feel, but sometimes all we really want is comfort. The key to looking good with absolutely no effort is loungewear. Here’s how to rock a pair of sweats in a fashionable way, making you look put together when in reality you were just lazy.

Add A Pair Of Boots

Sofia Richie gives us a perfect example in how to make sweatpants glam. Throwing a pair of booties like her patent ones upgrade the outfit from going to Trader Joe’s to Nobu.

Add A Blazer

Make sweats look sophisticated by pairing them with a blazer. A groundbreaking way to create a business casual look, while feeling both empowered and comfortable as the same time. Brilliant.

Add A Crop Top

Adding a crop top adds some skin and risqué to the look, making it hot and casual. Tie a graphic tee or pair some lounger tops and you’ll look and feel comfortable all day.

Make It Monochromatic

I don’t know what it is, but when you wear matching colors it just looks like you’re put together. Pair your sweats with a matching top, sweatshirt, or tee and you’re guaranteed to look good. Extra points if you get the shoes to match as well.

Add Designer Drip

If you got it, flaunt it. Make your sweats look like luxury by pairing them with designer brand accessories and apparel. If you’re confused how, just take a quick scroll through Billie Eilish’s Instagram feed and you’ll get the idea.

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