This Girl Edited Her Insta Captions To Share What Her Exes Were Really Like

Anyone who has ever dated someone understands how bad looking at pictures with an ex can feel. Social media only makes it worse, as if your relationship was public, you’ll probably end up archiving or deleting the posts with your former partner. Rosie, a 22-year-old student, showed us all what has to be done in a situation like this.

Instagram / @im.hongry

This girl went viral after she edited Instagram captions on posts with her exes to show how those relationships really ended. She spoke about it on her Twitter and received a lot of support for questioning “perfect couples.”

In an interview with Vice, Rosie addressed some of the questions on the topic. When asked what inspired her to edit the captions, she said, “I just happened to be going through my Instagram archive — basically those that you hide from your profile — and saw these pictures I had with people I had previously dated that I wanted to display again on my profile. These pictures are from awhile ago, and I’ve moved on since. We don’t talk or keep in contact besides being Facebook friends. I cherish the memories, so I didn’t want to delete the photos nor the original caption. I wanted to keep these pictures that I love while acknowledging that I no longer love the people in the picture with me. Instead, I decided to edit the caption with a short phrase indicating that things have changed since. And then, I tweeted about it because I thought it would make a funny, lighthearted post about something that can be — and was, for me — very painful!”

Instagram / @im.hongry

According to Rosie, one of her exes reached out to her after she posted the pictures with updated captions. He apologized for the things he did that had deeply hurt the girl. She also said that feedback from the public was quite mixed. There are as many opinions as there are people, so not everyone agrees on how one should move on from a relationship. Still, this lady inspired a lot of girls to share the truth about their past relationships.

Instagram / @im.hongry

Rosie also said she has no regrets dating her exes. She thinks it’s essential to be able to find something positive in every experience we have, even bad ones. Her newfound fame has made her a handful of friends, who first messaged her to talk about her posts. Otherwise, she doesn’t feel her life has changed at all, and she didn’t expect the post to go viral in the first place. Rosie’s love life hasn’t changed as well, and the girl stated that she is ‘still single and happily so.’

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