Why Does Everyone Mention Alcohol in their Dating Profiles?

Let’s face it: online dating is designed for college kids. It’s one of the easiest ways to meet a partner without the commitment of having to go on several dates to vet whether someone is actually worth your time. There’s no shame to downloading a dating app and having a little fun. 

But being successful on a dating app means crafting the perfect profile. There are dozens of different people claiming they have mastered the best way to build a profile to ensure endless matches. But the truth of the matter is, there are some trends in dating profiles that no dating expert can bust. 

For example, tall guys will without fail always put their height in their bio. No one told them to include that piece of information, but for some reason it’s without fail included in the majority of profiles you swipe through. 

Another trend in dating profiles is mentioning something about drugs or alcohol. Up to 20% of profiles have some reference to substances. Your height might say something about your attractiveness that a potential companion wouldn’t be able to figure out from photos alone, but why alcohol? 

Maybe this is how people express that they’re cool and have a social life, but honestly, it’s so unnecessary. The majority of dating app users can probably agree that they like to go out and have a good time, there’s no need to state it. 

People will make their own judgements on whether or not you’re ‘cool’ based on your photos alone. If you really want to show that you’re big on the party scene, make it a little less obvious. Include some subtle photos of you going out with your squad – but be sure to include some solo photos too so people can tell which one you are. 

Saying something about drinking or smoking simply expresses that you feel the need to put it out there, and that comes off as a little desperate if you ask me. So when you’re crafting the perfect dating profile, leave it out. Dating profile bios can be hard, but if you’re trying to hard, it will come off to other users and you’ll get a ton of automatic left swipes.

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