The 21 Non-Corny Ways To Celebrate 21

Turning 21 is made out to be such a big deal, it can be overwhelming and difficult when deciding how to commemorate it. Some people go for epic, and some people go for something low key. Whatever your preference is, here are some ideas that will give you either experience in a memorable way.

Birthday Bucket List

bucket list


Have a bunch of things that you and your friends have always wanted to do? Here’s your chance to do them. Make a list of dares, challenges, and experiences you’ve always wanted to try and make it a day of never ending excitement.




Basic, but classic. You’re 21, go enjoy what that entitles you to! Wear an extravagant outfit, get a small group of girls, and go gamble and party!

Spa Day



If you’re more the type looking for a relaxing “you” day, go to a spa with some friends, or even alone! Go get a well deserved massage, facial, mud bath, whatever you desire. Sit in the steam room and unwind in a self-care experience.

Art & Wine Party



Find a local art studio that does paint-and-sip classes, or even host one yourself in your own home! You and your friends can chat, paint, and get drunk which in itself describes a good time.

Brewery Tour



Why not have your first legal drink while learning how its done. Get a group of friends and hit the brewery for some fresh tastings and get some knowledge in.


girls night


“Let’s go G.N.O, let’s go, it’s a girls night.” As supported by my girl Miley, have a girl’s night out! Get a group of your closest friends and see where the night takes you, and just have a good time.

Taco Party



Seriously, who doesn’t love tacos and margaritas? Go to a fun restaurant with the works; tacos, margarita pitchers, churros, and guac, or even host a personal potluck styled party right from your own home!

Cooking/Mixology Class



Learn how to make sushi, pizza, or your favorite cocktail by taking a class nearby. It’s a fun, casual, and classy way to celebrate with friends that everyone can enjoy.

Roller Disco



Acquire major “Blow” vibes by hosting a roller disco party! It’s retro, it’s fun, and a totally awesome and unique way to get together and have a good time.

Tea Party



Either find a hotel with high tea or even take it upon yourself to host one at home, and enjoy the fun and frilliness that comes with a fancy adult tea party. Little finger sandwiches, pastries, and of course, tea, are just some of the cute things to enjoy while sitting altogether at the tea table.

Pole Dancing Lessons



I think this one is on everyone’s bucket list. Or you’ve at least thought about it. If you’ve seen J.Lo’s “Criminal” routine, then you’re definitely dying to give pole dancing a try. Get some friends and take a beginner’s class to learn the basics of pole dancing.

Escape Room

escape room


Escape rooms are always fun. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and make it suspenseful and fun.

“Around The World” Themed Party



Make stations with food, decorations, and music from different parts of the world all around your home and enjoy a culturally defying experience with your girls!

Burlesque Show



If you’re into extravagance, glamor, and fun, round a group up and head to a burlesque club. Enjoy getting drunk with your friends while singing along to the talented and entertaining singing and dancing acts they put on.

Hotel Pool/Rooftop



Enjoy a day of luxury by taking in the view as well as cocktails with a bunch of your friends while taking a dip and lounging poolside.

Bottomless Brunch



Bottomless brunch. A classic. If you want to keep things laid back, this is the way to go. Eat and drink all you want with local restaurants/cafes with great deals on never ending food and drinks all afternoon with your buddies.

Booze Cruise

booze cruise


Get dressed up get those golden hour pics. Grab your friends and get tickets to a booze cruise where you can watch the sunset while sipping on cocktails all day long.

Jell-O Shots



Make different Jell-O shots with vodka, tequila, champagne, or whatever you prefer, and have a fun day with tipsy friends and an experience you can all do together.

Polaroid/Disposable Pictures



Capture the moments with instant film whether it’s polaroid photos or a disposable camera, and put them in a cute collection to remember the amazing day you spent with friends in celebration of you! Also, it’s an instant birthday post for Instagram.

Vineyard Tour



Go get your cliche picture in the grapevines, no one can judge. It’s your birthday! You and your friends can go and sip wine and cheese and enjoy a fun day outdoors while chatting and drinking to you!

Chef’s Wine Pairing



Go ahead and be a boujee bitch and order the fancy chef’s wine pairing at a nice restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to. Make sure to give them a flashy smile when they ask for your I.D., and enjoy quality time with quality food with your friends.

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