Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Actually Worth Making

The new year is just around the corner, and it’s time to think about your goals for 2020. It’s proven that people achieve only a part of the goals they set for themselves annually, but there is a way to change this. Don’t write a two-page list of things you want to do and only concentrate on what’s really important. Here, you’ll find ten of the best new year’s resolutions, so feel free to pick out one or a few of them for yourself.

Stick to Your Healthy Habits

Healthy lifestyle concept


We often start eating healthy or working out, but it doesn’t last that long. In 2020, make it your goal actually to stick to all those healthy habits. You’ll see the positive results in no time.

Save Some Money

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Putting some money aside is a great decision to make in the upcoming year. You could either use this money in case of an emergency or treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted.

Work on Your Confidence

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Confidence is one of the best ways to always get what you want, no matter what anyone says about it. Next year, don’t underestimate yourself and always shoot your shot because you can get anything done if you believe in yourself.

Take a Break From Social Media

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Social media has a proven negative effect on our mental health, so taking occasional breaks from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is a great idea. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on life, even if it seems so.

Learn a New Skill

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It’s essential to stay curious and always discover something new. In 2020, pick out a skill you’ve always wanted to acquire and get to studying it! This can benefit your career, too. Alternatively, learn a foreign language or get a new hobby.

Read More

Reading a book


Some might find books boring or outdated in this day and age. Yet, you probably won’t mind reading something you really enjoy. Do a bit of research or ask your friends about their favorite books. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a bookworm one day.

Worry Less

Calm female executive meditating


Did you know that stress is not just affecting your health minorly? It can actually kill you! To avoid this, stop worrying about things that don’t really matter and overthinking everything. Also, try meditating, at least ten minutes a day. It helps you become calmer and more focused.

Become More Organized

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People with all the time in the world won’t be able to do much if they don’t know how to manage their time. Believe it or not, but when your schedule is busy yet organized, you’ll most likely have some free time. Use it to rest or do something fun.

Face Your Fears

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We all have some things that terrify us, and next year is the time to face your fears. Go to a social event by yourself, apply for a new job you’ve been eyeing or even move to a different city! What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, you know that for sure.

Explore the World

Female tourist studying a map


The last resolution on our list is probably the most exciting one. Travelling is such a fantastic way to learn about other countries and see famous sights with your own eyes. If you want to have a relaxing holiday, opt for a beach vacation, and anyone who loves adventure will enjoy a backpacking trip or a road trip.

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