The 15 Best Creative Christmas Tree Alternatives For You To Try

Decorating a Christmas tree the same way every year can get quite boring. Many might think there are not many ways to it differently, but it’s not true. These fifteen creative opinions will help you get some ideas on how to have a unique tree this year!

Minimal Tree

If you’re a fan of minimalism, embrace this style during the holiday season. A beautiful tree with a few simple decorations looks very chic, and it fits into any interior.

Ladder Tree

This is definitely an unusual way to decorate a Christmas ‘tree’. What’s excellent about ladders is their shape, which mimics the triangular silhouette of the real one.

Christmas Shelf

Any DIY lover will appreciate a project like this, and you can have some fun building it with your friends or family. After the holidays, you can just use this creation as a normal shelf.

Polaroid Tree

A Polaroid collage is so easy to do and doesn’t take any space in your room. Yet, it looks very cool, and you can either use a picture of a tree like it’s shown above or your favorite photos.

Book Tree

Hopefully, there are still people who love books. If you’re one of them, show off your collection by turning it into a Christmas tree alternative. Green books will work the best, obviously.

Plank Tree

Another option for minimalists, this tree is quite simple, yet there’s a lot of charm to it. Finding materials for it shouldn’t be that hard, and you can ask your male friend or partner to build the tree.

Decorated Plant

Why not turn one of the plants you have at home into a holiday centerpiece? Besides, this lets you some space in the room. Decorating taller ones works the best, but feel free to go with any plant you have.

Branch Tree

This method brings in the tree element by including the branches as its foundation. Add even more holiday cheer by pairing it with a Christmas greeting on your wall.

Box Tree

As more and more people are trying to practice sustainability, a tree made of cardboard boxes can be an amazing idea. With this creation, you can celebrate the holidays and recycle at the same time.

Minimal Wall Tree

A tree like this is very easy to make, but it looks cute and can be customized easily. Simply create an outline out of Christmas lights and fill it in with small decorations.

Wood Tree

Such a tree looks quite nostalgic, as it reminds of children’s building blocks or Jenga. This is also a great way to repurpose wood scraps you might have from renovating your home.

Garland Tree

Do you have a lot of Christmas tree decorations, but don’t want to get the tree itself? This garland wall design is perfect for you, as it uses multiple ornaments we usually already have at home.

Tree in a Frame

This tree alternative is another great DIY project. Find a large frame, put some strings across it and decorate as you wish. A holiday decoration like this looks very cool and impressive.

Twig Tree

For those who love a natural tree but don’t have any space for it, we highly recommend making this wall twig creation. It has the look of the real deal while being very compact and easy to install.

Bottle Tree

Last but definitely not least is this tree, and it looks absolutely awesome. Yes, it requires a lot of bottles, so you’ll probably have to start collecting them a year before. Ask your friends; maybe they’ll be ready to provide some, too!