The 5 Things You Should Do Before The End Of The Year

Can you believe 2020 is only a month away? It’s not just a new year; it’s a whole new decade. And while at this time we are usually guilty of turning everything into a future resolution, nothing feels as good as being productive before the new year. Here are a few ideas on what you should get done before 2020.


Wardrobe before and after


Do you think you’ll be able to begin a new year successfully if your house, wardrobe or workplace is a mess? Probably not. The bitter truth is we tend to feel less motivated when our environment doesn’t encourage us to do something. A messy room or office can make you feel quite discouraged and unproductive. Make sure to take some time in December to throw out anything unnecessary and organize everything that’s left, so your space is nice and tidy.

Finish Tasks You’ve Been Postponing

Appointment Schedule Calendar


Procrastination is our worst enemy. People often make plans early in January just to find them still not done at the end of the year. If there is anything on your agenda you’ve been meaning to do a long time ago, try to finish as many of those tasks as possible before 2020. This way, you’ll be able to have a truly fresh start of the new decade. Moreover, this will boost your productivity in general.

Start Working out

Treadmill workout


We’ve covered the benefits and importance of exercise multiple times. ‘Start working out’ is probably the most popular item on many resolution lists, but why not begin training at the end of this year? You’ve still got a month to go, and it’s possible to achieve some great results over this period. Getting in shape right now is an amazing idea, as you’ll feel better and look great during the holiday season.

Spend Less Time on Your Phone

Team of people put smartphones to table


We can get quite overwhelmed with all the information that comes from our gadgets. If you’re guilty of spending a bit too much time on your phone, try changing this at the end of the year. Start with smaller steps like setting a moderate screen time limit or turning off your notifications a few hours before bedtime. Then try spending the weekend off social media. This might seem impossible at first, but it actually can improve your mood and mental state majorly.

Get Back in Touch With Someone

Two women hugging


Have you been too busy lately to catch up with your friends or family properly? It’s time to change that. We all can get too involved with work or study throughout the year, but December could be the perfect time to change it. Call that friend of yours you’ve been promising to get together with for ages or visit your parents for a holiday dinner. This will show people you care about that you are willing to reconnect with them.

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