25 Best Christmas Movies On Netflix To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

Getting into the holiday spirit requires more than just throwing up the Christmas tree, decorating the house and the temperature dropping. Sometimes you need to throw on a good or cheesy Christmas movie to make it really feel like the holidays.

With Netflix‘s vast movie library it can be hard to wade through and find a decent holiday movie. You can go with a classic Christmas movie like How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas, or White Christmas. Or go for a fan favorite movie Love Actually. But if a decent Christmas movie is not up your alley and you are a lover of crappy and campy Christmas movies, don’t worry.

You don’t need the Lifetime or Hallmark channel to get your fill of cheesy Christmas movies.

Check out the 25 best Christmas movies you can stream on Netflix below.

Love Actually


You know and love Love Actually so who cares if you watch it another time?

How The Grinch Stole Christmas


Jim Carrey and Taylor Momsen star in the 2000 live-action remake of this Dr. Seuss classic.

Bad Santa


A bad Santa and a bullied kid team up to rip off stores. A Christmas miracle.

A Christmas Prince


A reporter visits the royal family to write a story about the bad boy prince. The two fall in love during Christmas for a truly remarkable fairy tale.

A Very Murray Christmas


Bill Murray and his gaggle of famous friends come out to celebrate Christmas and his holiday special.

Merry Kissmas


One kiss will change their Christmas and lives forever.

The Spirit Of Christmas


This woman falls in love with a ghost just in time for Christmas.

Christmas Crush


Yes, there’s a high school reunion during Christmas. One girl has to choose between her old flame or longtime friend.

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas


This family-friendly Mickey film has something for the whole family.

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure


Another family-friendly film that is funny and will get you into the spirit.

Christmas With A View


A celebrity chef gets hired at a ski resort and falls in love, classic.

Christmas Inheritance


This cheesy movie has a city girl trapped in a small town during Christmas because of a blizzard. Of course, she falls in love.

The Christmas Project


Four brothers deal with growing pains during Christmas time.

The Holiday Calendar


A girl inherits a magical advent calendar that predicts her future and love life.

The Princess Switch


Vanessa Hudgens is back and playing her own twin and they switch places.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding


The sequel to A Christmas Prince is here and it’s going to be good.

Bad Santa 2


Bad Santa is back and this time dealing with his bad mom.

George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker


A timeless Christmas classic.

Holiday Breakup


A couple breaks up right before the holidays but decides to pretend to be together for the holidays.

A Christmas Star


A girl who was born under a Christmas tree uses her miracle powers to save the town.

You Can’t Fight Christmas


A family-owned hotel is fighting some issues, but are determined to remain in the Christmas spirit.

A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale


A dog park needs saving and a girl who is “bad luck” and not a dog person is the only one who can save it.

Angels In The Snow


A dysfunctional family lets a family in need stay with them during Christmas and they help each other get in the spirit.

White Christmas


This 1954 Christmas classic is worth the watch.

A Holiday Engagement


A girl gets dumped right before the holidays and hired a fake fiancée to meet her family.

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