Top 10 Nail Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram Today

‘Tis the season for holiday parties and blustery winds, which provides at least two reasons your hands need some much needed TLC this time of year. Self-care aside, nail adornment is as much accessory to an outfit as a purse in 2018. This calls for some much-needed nail inspiration. Who better to guide in this process than these next level nail gurus and artists on Instagram who are shaking things up and setting trends in the nail world? So open up Instagram and start bookmarking ideas for your manicurist, because these looks will give you the eye-candy and nail refresh, so your nails can shine.

Park Eunkyung @nail_unistella

This South Korean based 3D design revolutionary puts any basic paint job to shame. She was one of the first innovators in LED, wire, and glass manis, and is now known for her jewelry and beaded embellishments.

Miss Pop @misspopnails

Moschino’s main manicurist, Miss Pop never fails to liven up the runways and our feeds with fun pops of color. Her latest “Nail Art is Hand Art” looks do not let the party stop at the tips but dazzles us with art and gems that extend past the nails.

Madeline Poole @mpnails

Whether it is geometric or a print Madeline’s color coordination and creativity are like no other. She is a classic household name and Sally Hansen’s Color Ambassador. Not only that but she has studied under Albert Munsell learning and applying his color theory to her artfully crafted manicures.

Cassandre Marie @cassmariebeauty

Delicate and dainty artful conceptions are pretty and polished perfectly for a doll. Her Instagram transports her followers to a fantasy world that is both skillfully and playfully photographed, and her classic yet on-trend fresh, structural designs transcend time.

Betina R. Goldstein @betina_goldstein

Celebrity nail artist for Zoë Kravitz and Dakota Johnson, Betina Goldstein is a master of intricate designs and ornamentation on short nails.  Her clever use of space, adorning embellishments, and her own hand-crafted nail rings soon sold to the public with the brand name, DoubleMoss Jewelry.

Alicia Torello @aliciatnails

Metallic highlights, color-blocking, and designer-influenced looks are Alicia’s signature style. This New Yorker nail fashionista never fails to have the perfect color pallet and collaborations that are sure to match your designer bag.

Nail Swag @nail_swag

This is the Instagram of Ariana’s Grande’s favorite salon and a must-follow. Their psychedelic and neon creations are out of this world and are Coachella and rave-worthy. An avid horoscope reader? These space pioneers originated tarot nails for the ultimate celestial look.

Sophie Harris-Greenslade @theillustratednail

European nail artist and illustrator, Sophie Harris-Greenslade is truly an artist, her pallet and masterpieces are simply showcased on the nail. She paints everything from intricate patterns to lustrous, dazzling jeweled designs. Her new release and collaboration of her faux nail sets with Boots is further evidence of her popularity and genius.

Jenny Bui @nailson7th

Jenny Bui has a taste for blinged-out, disco ball flare where no two nails look the same. What else would you expect from the nail queen that does Cardi B’s nails? These fierce, show-stopping nails scream luxury and drama!

Olive & June @oliveandjune

Looking for that adorable anime, cartoon cute nail style? Their nail art ranges from emojis and gamer graphics to tiny shapes and celestial accents. They consistenly have something new and precious to offer, and nail stickers that will melt anyone’s heart that are an absolute must-buy.

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