Why Wedding Movies Make for the Best Girls Night In

A night out on the town can be fun, but sometimes all you need after a long week of schoolwork and studying is a girls night in. It may seem boring, but it can be therapeutic to recover from the stress of college. You don’t have to spend time stressing over which outfit to wear or putting on makeup. All you need for the perfect girls night is a rom-com and a bottle of wine. 

But the movie you pick can make or break your night in. That’s why it’s always safe to go with a classic iconic wedding movie that you and your squad have probably seen a million times. Even still, these plots and characters never get old. They may not be as relatable as the high school dramas were a few years ago, but at the very least they help us dream. 

While we may be dealing with endless immature boy drama in our day to day lives, our favorite actors in Hollywood are seen living out the love life of our dreams – complete with romantic protagonists and dreamy weddings. Wedding movies provide us with a sense of hope and allow us to live vicariously through the on-screen stars. 

There’s something so romantic about a wedding that has the unique ability to erase all the stress of a failed exam or horrible upcoming unwritten paper, even if it is a completely unrealistic fictional depiction. That’s what makes wedding movies the perfect choice for any night when you really need to forget about life. 

It’s the same reason we all create wedding inspiration boards on Pinterest way before we’re old enough to actually start planning a wedding. It’s therapeutic to scroll through gorgeous white ball gowns and bouquets, even when you know that need is nowhere near your immediate future. 

Movies that feature weddings take this concept of daydreaming to the next level. All of the weddings are the most lavish ceremonies you’ll see with parties that would be way beyond the budget of any average bride and groom. For example, a study investigated how much the weddings in our favorite movies would realistically cost – and it puts a real damper on the daydreaming. 

In Sex and the City and Sweet Home Alabama, the weddings cost upwards of $130,000 each, where the national average cost of a wedding lies just under a modest $35,000. 

It’s safe to say that these weddings are a little bit of a stretch when it comes to realism. Either way, wedding movies are the best for alleviating the stress of college and guaranteed to bond you and your roommates – so pour the rosé.