Top 5 Ways To Make Up After A Fight With Your Partner

Sometimes it feels that a fight with your significant other can make or break your relationship, and it can be extremely hard to make up afterward. Sometimes it feels that making up afterward can be harder than having the fight itself, so we created a list of 5 ways to make up and resolve a fight between you and your significant other.



It may sound a little vague, but discussing why you and your partner fought can help prevent future conflict. While explaining your side of the argument, also listen to your partner and try to understand where they’re coming from. It may be hard, but not immediately being defensive when your partner explains how what you might have said hurt them will help resolve the argument faster and a lot smoother. Try and use “I feel” statements rather than “you did” so that you aren’t blaming your partner for the fight, and your partner will most likely be more open to listening to you and your feelings if they feel they do not have to be defensive about everything.

Don’t Complain To Friends and Family


It may be hard to resist venting about your relationship drama to your besties and your parents, but if you haven’t resolved your fight with your significant other, we cannot stress enough how important it is to deal with your issues together as a couple, before complaining to others. This is because your friends and relatives will hold on to your issues longer than you will. We’re not saying to forego advice from your friends and family when you’re not sure what to do, but avoid needless complaining about relationship drama when you’re in the middle of a fight.

Don’t Go To Bed Angry


Going to bed angry can make a fight even worse because your argument will carry over to the next day and make the conflict even worse. When going to bed or leaving an argument angry can make your anger build up inside of you, and you will be more likely to be more defensive and less likely to resolve the argument when the topic comes up again. Going to bed without resolving your argument may seem like a way to calm down and de-stress, but it can actually make it ten times worse because you’re holding in your anger, which is never good.

Be Open To Compromising


If compromising is an option within your argument, don’t be afraid to do so! Your relationship with your boo is way more important than your pride, or any argument you might be having. Because of this, be willing to compromise, especially if your partner is as well! Being able to compromise, like most things, is not always easy, but if it is something that is not that serious, compromising is important, because it shows your partner that your relationship is more important than your fight.

After The Fight, Show That You Care


After you’ve resolved a big fight, it can still feel a bit odd between you and your boo. To combat this awkward feeling, maybe go out of your way and do something nice for them! Maybe get them a small something to show you care, or just cook them their favorite meal or just spend time doing something they love together. Fighting and arguing can be emotionally exhausting, so counteracting that heavy energy by doing something thoughtful and positive for your partner can definitely help you forget the argument entirely, and is a great way of showing that you believe this is a small bump in the road of your life together!

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