Bhad Bhabie Says She’s Not Made For Fame & is Quitting Hollywood

Bhad Bhabie is done with Hollywood. After finding herself surrounded in controversy for wearing box braids and calling out black women who criticized her, Bhad Bhabie says that she is not made for fame and removing herself from the spotlight.

The 16-year-old rapper came under fire for “cultural appropriation” after showing off her new hairstyle.

Then, she had an outburst that concluded with the announcement that she’s done with fame.

“I’mma keep it real, I’m not fit for this fame…I’m too real nobody can handle the truth and if being attacked for something I’mma tell the the damn truth about it and y’all can’t handle that,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m back in Florida with my family living my best life. I could give two f*cks about this fame sh*t.

“I’mma stay in Flordia and live my real life f*ck this Hollywood fame sh*t.”

Bhabie later defended her decision to sport the hairstyle as the criticism continued.

“I didn’t call Black women bald headed either that was in a whole different comment that was made about all the ppl who also had something to say about me there was multiple other races too even some white women were accusing me,” she added. “And no I do not personally feel offended if Black women wears a straight wig[.] And I never even said that idk were tf y’all get some of this sh*t from like why would I b bothered by the way another girl decided to wear THEIR hair that sh*t aint got nothing to do with me as long as she feels she looks good. Who tf cares it’s just f*cking hair but that twisting ppls words sh*t [ain’t] gonna work with me imma always make sure you know exactly what the f*ck I mean when I say something.”

Whether she sticks to her word remains to be seen, but we don’t expect to see many people crying if she fades into the background.

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