Here Is The First Look At Disney’s Live Action Mulan

First announced in 2015, Disney’s live-action remake of the classic war tale, Mulan has been highly anticipated by fans worldwide. The first official trailer for the upcoming film was released starring Chinese actor Yi Fei Liu. Also known as Crystal Liu, she is embodying the beloved childhood warrior who goes off to war disguised as a male soldier in order to protect her family in imperial China. Liu is an experienced actress who was named as one of the four New Four Dan Actresses by Tecent QQ in 2009. Liu also starred in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, which went on to become the highest-rated Chinese drama in Taiwan. She attended the prestigious performing arts school, Beijing Film Academy from the tender age of 15. From the looks of the trailer, Liu is sure to be a trailblazer with her dramatic intensity, the firey and accurate Hua Mulan we deserve.


Notorious martial arts master Jet Li has taken on the role of emperor of China for the live-action remake. American culture swooned over him when he first appeared in Lethal Weapon 4 and fell even more in love with the spunky actor after he took the lead in Romeo Must Die, alongside Aaliyah in 2000. Although the role of the emperor in Mulan is a minor role, fans are sure to be ecstatic to see Jet Li’s return to the big screen. Mulan, set to premiere in March 2020 will be the actor’s first role in an American film since The Expendables 3.


The cast list for Mulan live action is star-studded and multi-talented, but it seems an extremely popular, fan-favorite character is missing! Fans internationally unite to ask the ultimate question: where’s Mushu?

Mushu is the beloved pet dragon of Mulan from the original Mulan (1998). His character provided comedic relief and became a cult-favorite with his sassy attitude and no-nonsense demeanor. In Disney’s defense, it would be awfully hard and unresourceful to have a real dragon in a live-action film. Mushu would lose half his appeal anyway, seeing as his spunk and energy are best animated, not live. Although there is no Mushu, we can appreciate the cultural representation and accuracy Disney has respectfully presented. The trailer reveals lots of accurate Chinese culture. Chinese-Americans, Chinese people, in general, are truly delighted to see the value of authenticity displayed on the big screen. Since the release of Crazy Rich Asians (2018), Asian culture has become more prominent and accepted by mainstream media. Hopefully, the new Mulan will add to the prominence and further boost Asian representation.

The live-action Mulan trailer has already garnered 1.6 million views within the first three hours of its released. Scheduled for release on March 27, 2020, the film will no doubt attract viewers of all ages and ethnicities, united to celebrate the true story of a divine feminine, Hua Mulan.

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