Lip Treading Vs. Lip Filler: Which Procedure Is More Effective?

It’s no secret we’d all do whatever it takes to make our lips look as big and luscious as possible. There’s an endless amount of ways to enhance your lips between lip products, contouring with makeup, and of course the most popular, lip fillers. With a dermal fillers clinic popping up on every corner, there are more options than ever.

Lip fillers for sure give the most effective immediate result that’ll last until months. However, it is very costly to maintain as well. What if there was an introduced alternative that gives your lips the extra plumpness you want at a lower cost? Recently, the FDA has officially approved lip threading to be a new procedure to accentuate your lips, specifically your Cupid’s bow.

“Lip threading involves passing miniature threads or sutures through a small tube to elevate the skin and create a degree of tension,” a cosmetic surgeon at One Aesthetic Studio, Dr. Jonquille Chantrey, explains. Unlike fillers, that are injecting hyaluronic acids to alter the shape of your lips, threading gives your lips definition and a lift through poly-L-lactic acid composed threads that stimulate collagen production.

Just like any procedure, there are risks to be cautious of. The procedure is pretty painful as Dr. Chantrey mentions, “An advanced practitioner would not give a dental block for this reason, but this means it would potentially be more painful than a filler which contains an anesthetic.” Bruising and swelling is common, as well as lumps and other issues can possibly be provoked.

“I have seen reasonable results but also poor results, particularly with uneven lips,” Chantrey tells truthfully. Cosmetics doctor and owner of ESHO Clinic, Dr. Tijion Esho, also states, “This is a medical procedure and all medical procedures will carry risk, but within the correct, experienced medical professional’s hands, this can be a safe procedure.”

If you’ve gone through the procedure and are unsatisfied with the results, this cane reversed. It may not be immediate like injections, but will naturally disappear when the body breaks it down. They are harder to get out, but give a longer lasting effect.

Threading costs at around $400-$800, when lip injections cost $500-$1,200. Depending on the aesthetic you want, either procedure is guaranteed to give you lifted beautiful lips that you desire.