Kim Kardashians Christmas Decorations Aren’t Impressing Anyone

Kim Kardashian West is known for creating fashion and beauty trends but, somehow that has not translated into her interior design skills. Kim took to her Instagram story to show fans her new holiday decor. What she thought to be a whimsical winter wonderland turned out to be a boring beige display. The video shows Kim and Kanye’s $60 million home decorated with all white cotton wool Christmas trees. With the pretty much empty hallways and bland color scheme of the mansion, it doesnt scream holiday cheer.

Fans were quick to call them out noticing the lack of tinsel, ornaments, or color other than white.

Kim later showed more of the house showing a Christmas tree with white lights adding a little more to her decorations. But fans still cannot get over the cotton trees.

You’d think that with a $60 million mansion there would be more money for decorations but, if we know anything about Kim Kardashian its that she does what she wants no matter the controversy. According to Kim’s Instagram video posted on December 5th, she sees nothing wrong with her decorations. She says “I love these. They’re so whimsical, like Whoville, but all white.” Apparently the trees were recycled from the 2018 Kardashian Christmas party so, despite being boring at least the decorations are a bit sustainable.