Lizzo Twerked In A Thong At A Lakers Game

Lizzo is known for her hit songs, her body positivity and her amazing twerking skills. Her ability to twerk while playing the flute always makes the crowd go wild but, how about her twerking at a Lakers game in a thong on a jumbotron? Lizzo sat courtside at the Los Angeles Lakers Game on December 8, 2019. When the Lakers Cheerleaders performed a dance routine to her hit song “Juice”, Lizzo twerked along in a very revealing outfit. 

The singer wore a black T-shirt dress with cut-outs in the back that revealed her fishnet stockings and thong. While no one had a problem with her posting nude photos on Instagram, people did have strong opinions on her outfit to the Lakers Game.

There seems to be about four different sentiments about Lizzo’s thong dress. Some people expressed that Lizzo’s actions were fine and that anyone who had a problem with it was being “fatphobic”.

Others thought almost the exact opposite, that Lizzo “got away” with doing something like this because everything she does is labeled as body positive.

There were those who felt that this type of behavior was inappropriate because a Lakers game is a family-friendly zone.

And others were just concerned about the hygiene of sitting on a stadium seat in a thong.