The Internet Roasted Kanye West’s Entirely Silver Look

It’s not unusual for Kanye West to do something extravagant and out of the box. He’s always really elaborate with the things he does and simply does not care about what other people think. Recently, Kanye, being extra as always, was covered head to toe in silver for his Mary Opera.

The production took place on a floating barge in Miami Marine Stadium, and people could not help but turn their heads when they saw Kanye was silver all over, including his skin.

The performance was only accessible by boat. Including Kanye, everybody on stage were covered in silver paint and attire. However, there were a few exceptions,  like Mary, who instead wore green. Kanye read gospel passages aloud, and the cast acted out excerpts from the books of Matthew and Luke.

But, with the internet being the wonderful place it is, users could not help but poke fun at an all silver Kanye:

Kanye never fails to surprise us! Twitter really has no chill when it comes to roasting celebrities and making memes. Gotta love the internet!