Was Beyoncé Really High in The Iconic “Whale” Interview in 2001? Singer Reveals Truth

Beyoncé Knowles, the iconic singer-superstar usually likes to keep her life private despite constantly being under the spotlight. Before her success as a solo singer, she was once the lead singer of the music group Destiny’s Child. It’s currently 2019 and Beyoncé has finally revealed whether or not she and her fellow group members were really high in the following hilarious interview from 2001 with Toazted.


In a recent interview with Elle,  the singer spokes about things like her Ivy Park clothing line, how her perspective on success has transformed over time, and new projects. The interview featured a section called “Ask Me Anything,” in which questions come from fans on social media.

After a humorous Q&A session, one question towards the end really stood out. Beyoncé was asked if she’d still consider being a whale for a day, a reference to one of the questions she was asked in the Toazted interview from 2001.

“I still love whales,” Beyoncé responded. “And I love being in the ocean. And that video was after a 16-hour press day. Not marijuana!!”

If you’re still confused, no worries. Back in 2001, the members of Destiny’s Child were asked what kind of animal they would be. Kelly Rowland had a bit of trouble answering. She said, “An animal? Oh, that’s hard.” Beyoncé, however, was sure of her animal, “I know what I’d be. A whale.” The interviewer asked why and Beyoncé explained. “I’ve loved whales since I was a little girl.” Michelle Williams added, “She wants to touch one one day.”

Years later, the clip resurfaced in 2016, causing many people to believe that the girls had indulged in some marijuana prior to the interview:

Given the girls’ delayed and hilarious responses and mannerisms, it would not be hard to believe that they were high during this interview. The interview also took place in the Netherlands, which has relaxed cannabis laws, which deeper supported the theory that the girls were high.

However, 18 years later, we finally find out the truth as Beyoncé sets the record straight: no one was high!