Why Kim Threatened to Fire Kourtney from KUWTK

Lately, fans of KUWTK, Khloe Kardashian, and Kim Kardashian-West have felt like Kourtney has become more private about her life on the show. It’s hard to “keep up” with the Kardashians if they’re not letting us in their lives. Will Kourtney’s new private life cost her her role on the show?

In the latest episode, Kourtney entered the room and Kim and Khloe immediately noticed a hickey on her neck. When they inquired about it, she tried to brush it off and hide it from them. “Kourtney, what is this hickey?” Kim immediately asked her. “Yeah, what is on your neck?” Khloé added.  “You have a hickey on your neck? Who on Earth would you get a hickey from?” Kim asked.

“Just let me live my life,” Kourtney replied.


Kourtney refused to answer any questions about the hickey or who gave it to her, causing her sisters to become frustrated. Kim and Khloe went as far as to follow the secretive Kourtney to see if she had been meeting this mystery man. Things did not end well:


Kourtney defended herself saying that she doesn’t like to share every aspect of her life on camera and would prefer to keep things private. While Kim and Khloe argued that that’s literally their job. If they don’t share their lives then they don’t have a show.

Kourtney’s lack of commitment to the show definitely enraged Kim and Khloe, which lead to Kim possibly firing her:


Who is Kourtney’s mystery man? Will Kourtney be fired from the show? Will Kris intervene? Do Khloe and Kim even have the power to fire their sister? Is this the end of KUWTK??? Ah, there are so many things to keep up with!

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