Kendall Jenner’s Hilarious Impression of Her Sister, Kylie

It’s almost the season finale of Keeping up With The Kardashians, and the members of the family decided to dress up as each other. Kendall thought it was a fun idea to dress up as a younger sister Kylie. First Kendall came at Kourtney, ranking her as the worst parent of all her siblings, now she’s coming at Kylie!

She put on a light blue sweater, and a pink ombre wig to mimic Kylie. She also applied red lipstick with some stuck on her teeth for good measure. She even said, “oh my god, it feels amazing on my skin… it feels so f—ing good!” Kendall couldn’t contain her laughter from how ridiculous she looked.

“This isĀ One Wish,” she said, smiling and showing the color swatch on her forearm. Instead of simply striking the lip color, she took the liberty of drawing smiley faces, scribbles and tally marks- a complete. hilarious mess. “This is what it looks like,” she said, struggling to stop herself from laughing.

We also saw Kris Jenner impersonating Khloe! She wore a lengthy blonde wing with a darkened root, similar to Khloe’s style. Kourtney also took a swing at being Kim wearing oversized glasses and a low-key tank top! It was hard to tell that she was trying to be Kim since they all dress similarly on a regular basis.

Seeing the iconic family trying to impersonate each other was hilarious, but Kendall takes the cake as her impression was undeniably the best one.

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