A Guide To Accessorizing The Perfect Holiday Fit

With the holiday season among us, it means bundling up and staying warm. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still look cute! Don’t pull out the ugly wool mittens and itchy hats just yet. Here are some simple add-on accessories that easily make your outfit go from bland to beautiful.

Blanket Scarf



Throw on a blanket scarf over your outfit to stay warm, and play with fun prints and colors to make it chic. Pops of bold colors like red and blue, or prints like leopard, plaid, or snakeskin are an easy way to make a simple outfit look more presentable.

Bucket Hat



It may be beanie season, but why say goodbye to bucket hats when summer ends? They can still be worn in the winter, and they won’t mess up your hair the same way! Different colors and materials can be worn such as faux fur and wool.




Headbands made a huge comeback this year. Use a simple solid color, or dress it up with a bejeweled and shimmering style. Either way, it compliments your look and guarantees an instant fashion forward ensemble.

Kitten Heels


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Kitten heels are almost essentials during the holidays. Wear them with jeans and sheer socks or ¬†tights and a dress. It’s too easy to dress up or dress down! There are endless colors and styles to choose from making this a no-brainer when it comes to holiday purchases.




Like bucket hats, sunglasses aren’t just meant for the summer! It’s not only still sunny when you go outside in 30 degree weather, but it’s a practical way to protect you from the snow! Add some sophistication or fun by playing with different styles of sunglasses with your official look.

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