Emma Watson’s Handbag: Discover Her Must-Haves

Emma Watson is definitely a busy girl on the go. The Harry Potter star carries around numerous items in her bag, which she shows off to British Vogue. Watson shows off her love of packing in a cute and quirky way.

Health Essentials

Watson keeps an old pouch full of vitamins inside her purse. Always good to stay healthy! In addition to that, Watson also has a gel that protects teeth enamel, vegan deodorant and sunscreen.

Book Of Choice

The celebrated actress reads Beloved by Toni Morrison. Watson tells British Vogue that the novel is a book club read. This all proves that if Emma Watson has time to read, then so do we!

Time For Insight

Watson writes in a five year journal, where she writes down something down and then a year later on that same day, she writes something down again. These journals are great for learning more about yourself. Watson certainly does a great job on self-reflection.

Random Utilities

The Little Women actress swears by her hot water bottle that she holds in her purse. When Watson goes on a plane, she asks the staff to fill it up. Watson loves her essentials and totes them around with pride wherever she goes.