How To Survive The Day After A Breakup

Let’s face it. Breakups suck. The day after is the hardest. You wake up reminded of your lonesome, and it sets you in a sh*tty mood for the whole day. You want to just lay in bed all week and avoid any movement or interaction with society. Don’t be ashamed, we’ve all been there. However, it’s unhealthy and unnecessary. Here are some ways to motivate you back into the confident amazing person you are post breakup.

Self Care

self care


I know you’re in shock, but you need to remember that you still have responsibilities! Focus on yourself and spend the day selfishly on you. You have the right to! Do some shopping, do a spa day, treat yourself to your favorite food, the ideas are endless. Do things that make you happy and make up the little things that make you happy.

Call Up A Friend



There’s no reason to go through this alone. Surround yourself with people who can support you and keep you in a positive headspace. Sometimes you need a little moral support to do that. Do a girls/guys night out, sit home and eat ice cream with horror movies, or just sit and stare at the ceiling. Having someone there makes you feel less alone, and can really help speed up the process of healing.

Avoid Social Media

social media


It never makes things better, and you may get to consumed by things that can upset you. It’s better to divert your attention to something more safe like Netflix, Youtube, or better yet, a book. You don’t need to see if he/she archived your Instagram pictures when you’re already in a fragile state. Do yourself that favor.

There’s no set time that’s set to heal, and it’s normal to grieve. Every relationship and individual is different. Just give yourself the time to sit and do things for YOU because you are the number one priority! There’s love and support all around you if you take a moment to look for it.

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