Kendall Jenner Mocks Sister, Kylie, And It’s Hilarious

A recent clip was released previewing the season finale to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and amidst all the Tristan Thompson drama, Kendall was able to make us laugh out loud with an iconic impersonation of Kylie.

Wearing a pink hair colored wig and hilariously using Kylie Cosmetics as dramatic as possible, she FaceTimes Kylie without warning.

“I’m Kylie!” Kendall exclaims at a family dinner.

“Oh my God! You look cute as Kylie,” she says in approval, “It looks amazing!”

Kendall goes even further and begins to top off the impression with lip swatching, makeup application, and using her “Kylie voice.”

First, she pokes fun at Kylie for hiding the fact she got lip injections for so long, and came up with the excuse of overlining her lips and mixing lipstick shades. “I love overlining my lips. This is where is all started guys. Literally.”

She applies the liquid lipstick all over her face and in her teeth which causes not only her to die laughing, but the camera crew as well (and us too of course). “Oh my God, it feels amazing on my skin. It feels so f*cking good.”

The dinner table also includes mother, Kris Jenner, sitting at the table next to Kourtney in a long blonde wig. Could she be impersonating someone too?

Find out what the family is up to during the season finale this Sunday at 9|8c on E!

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