See Kristen Bell’s Head-Turning Christmas Gift Here

Kristen Bell brought a head-turning gift to her white elephant gift exchange. Kristen and her husband, Dax Shepard hosted a holiday party with their friends on December 15, 2019. And while Dax and Kristen are well known for being pretty goofy, no one was expecting Kristen to bring a mold of her husband’s severed head to a Christmas party.

Kristen posted videos of the gift exchange on her Instagram and many of the gifts were untraditional, to say the least. The video showed a lot of strange gifts including a batmobile cookie jar, a taxidermied rooster wrapped in lottery tickets, and a framed dildo taped to a canvas. So maybe a severed head doesn’t stand out too much in this eccentric gift exchange. 

However, when Kristen’s gag gift was finally opened, the group of friends exploded into laughter and cheers. In the background of the video you hear someone yell “what’s in the box?!”, and on Kristen captioned the story with “a mold of Dax Shepards severed head of course!!!”

After that unwrapping, the head was featured in many posts on Kristen’s Instagram story. One video had Kristen cradling the head like a baby, a picture of the head wearing a hat that has “Samantha?” embroidered on to it ( referencing a Frozen 2 joke if you haven’t seen the movie ), and another video of Kristen giving the head a kiss.

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