Top 10 Do-It-Yourself Hairstyles For Homecoming

I know how important it is to look good for Homecoming. From the perfect dress to the dolled-up makeup, it is hard to keep track of the expenses for that one night. How could I forget about the trip to the salon? Let’s be real, most times I go to salons I hate the way the hairdresser does my hair. I always show a picture of exactly what I want, but I never get the outcome no matter how much critique I give. That’s why for big events I save some cash by doing my own hair and splurging on other things that I need for that night.

I follow many celebrities on Instagram, such as Lili Reinhart and Rihanna, who inspire me to try new hairstyles that are actually feasible. Yes, they do get it professionally done, but it doesn’t seem as hard as it looks! Here are my favorite top 10 stunning do’s to try out for the big night that will amp up your whole look.

1. High Ponytail Braid


This hairstyle not only looks flawless on Blake Lively but is super doable as well. All you have to do to copy her look is slick your hair back in a high ponytail and then simply braid down. To make sure the ponytail is secure to last all night, use a sturdy hair tie and use gel to get rid of flyaways. You could even tie a colored ribbon around the hair ties to match the color of your dress!

2. Messy Curls


Messy curls are always my go-to hairstyle because they are easy, manageable, and the messier the better! All you need for this hairstyle is any curling iron or wand. Gently curl each strand of hair for a few seconds and then brush it out with your fingers to master that messy look. The wand I’m using right now is the Bombay Hair Rose Gold Curling Wand!

3. Messy Knot


Mila Kunis makes this effortless knot look to-die-for. All you have to do it put your hair in a high pony and twist it around into a bun. Leave some strands hanging like Kunis to make it look like you’re not trying too hard. When you’re done, use bobby pins to secure the knot if you are nervous it will come out while you dance the night away.

4. Slicked Back Ponytail


When does Jennifer Lopez not look flawless? This hairstyle is as simple as it gets but gives you a classy look. Just slick it back as high as you want it and use hairspray or gel for the flyaways. You could even curl the tail to give it a more natural look if you don’t want stick straight.

5. Half Up Half Down


There are so many ways to do the half-up/half-down hairstyle, such as Rooney Mara’s way. She kept it interesting by tying back a mini bun that’s placed towards the back of her head. You could also do the bun on top or simply clip two hair strands back with bobby pins. This look is not only uncomplicated but will keep your hair out of your eyes all night while still showing off your long locks.

6. Natural Curls


There’s always the option of embracing your natural curls! Naomi Campbell is killing it in this photo by showing off what her mama gave her. Part your hair where you prefer and make sure your curls stay defined and frizz-free with a curl defining creme.

7. Sleek Strands


There is no doubt that Kim Kardashian gets her hair professionally done every time she has a red carpet event, but this look seems pretty manageable. Just go simple with sleek hair parted down the middle. If you want to change it up, part your hair deep on one side and make it last all night long with a shielding creme.

8. Pop Of Color


I’m not saying to dye your whole head a shade of pink just like Nicole Richie, but maybe some clip-in highlights would give your locks that pop of color it needs. It would be a different and fun way to rock your homecoming hairstyle and be a stand out in the crowd.

9. Bouncy Curls


Kendall Jenner’s look is not only curled to perfection but is the easiest glammed-up do to copy. Slick back bouncy curls can be made by blowing out your strands then using a big barreled curler to wave out your look. Who knows, maybe you will be mistaken for Kendall Jenner by your crush (okay not really but you get the point).

10. Asymmetrical Bob


Lucy Hale is known to be cutting her hair shorter and shorter as time passes by. If your hair is as short as Hale’s, opt out for this asymmetrical bob look. Pin back one side with a bobby pin to keep your hair out of your face while you dance your butt off.

There you have it, the top 10 do-it-yourself hairstyles for homecoming. Not only are all of these hairstyles doable, but they will look chic, classy, effortless and beautiful all at the same time. You will truly be the star of the night.

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