The 5 Tips For Sleeping Sounder With A Partner

Sure, sleeping with your SO is nice- there are plenty of cuddles to go around. But,  things can take an ugly turn as loud snoring, hogging the blankets and turning over repeatedly may get you or your partner frustrated. After all, these things can really make it hard to catch some Zzz’s. Being close to your SO releases a “love” hormone called oxytocin that can make you both feel closer and sleep more soundly, so don’t kick your partner out of bed yet! Below is a list of five ways to make sleeping with a partner much easier.

1. No Technology

Not only does a quick look at your phone in the dark mess up your circadian rhythm by having a negative effect on melatonin production, but snubbing your partner in favor of your phone (‘phubbing’) is something that you definitely don’t want to happen in the bedroom.

2. Have The Right Mattress

A small mattress might be cozy, but it is certainly not large enough to accommodate both your respective sleeping styles. Additionally, sleeping on a mattress that minimizes motion transfer is a great way to avoid disturbing your partner with movement.

3. Use Separate Blankets

Many couples have experienced first-hand the vicious blanket tug-of-war that happens at bedtime. The logic behind each partner using separate blankets is quite simple: one of you is less likely to wake up cold in the middle of the night because the other has stolen the whole thing.

4. Have The Same Bedtime

Schedules rarely match up, but having the same bedtime can go a long way. Couples whose sleep patterns do not match up report more disagreement, less serious conversation and less sex. The time during which you fall asleep together is necessary for intimacy. Also, by falling asleep together, you are less likely to wake the other up. Pick a time, and stick to it!

5. Have Sex Before Bed

According to research, engaging in sex before bed leads to better sleep. Sexual activity that results in climax releases endorphins and dopamine, both of which help reduce stress and calm the body. Thus, creating perfect sleep conditions!