What Do Taylor Swifts’ Cats Think About Her Cats Movie Role?

If you know anything about Taylor Swift you know that she loves her cats. Taylor’s three kitties: Olivia Benson, Meredith Grey, and Benjamin Button are pretty much her children. You’d think that with all the love she shows to these cats that they would understand that they are owned by a bonafide superstar. However, their opinion on Taylor’s upcoming role in Cats doesn’t really reflect that.


Cats premiered on December 16, 2019, in New York City and Taylor walked the red carpet in a dazzling dress. While the movie is receiving a lot of praise, Taylor’s cats aren’t really feeling it. Taylor said that her cats are “not going to care” about her role as Bombalurina and that “They don’t care about anything I do”. This is unbelievable considering that the song Taylor co-wrote for with Andrew Lloyd Weber, Beautiful Ghosts, is nominated for a Golden Globe. It seems that Taylor cats, or her itty bitty pretty kitty committee, aren’t really appreciative of Taylor’s music, especially her new Christmas song.


Despite the kitty committee’s ambivalence, they did help out with the Cats movie in some way. Taylor, while in “cat school” (where the cast studied the way cats move and act), showed one of her cat school teachers pictures and videos of her cats. In the photos, Taylor says her cats look like “lazy little bears”, which according to the cat school teacher were the perfect inspiration for Rebel Wilson’s character in the movie.

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