Kate Mckinnon Peed In Front Of Jennifer Lopez

In a hilarious interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Kate Mckinnon shared an embarrassing story of how she had to pee in front of Jennifer Lopez. On December 7, 2019, Jennifer Lopez hosted Saturday Night Live on which Kate is a castmember. And of course, being an SNL cast member, Kate had a hilarious story to share about her interacting with J.Lo.

According to Kate, the SNL office has a communal bathroom in which J.Lo was fixing her make up when Kate walked in. She greeted J.Lo with a “Hey, how are ya” before realizing she was about to do something so awkward. She had to pee in front of Jennifer Lopez. Kate reenacts her feelings as she sat down in the stall saying “Oh my God, no! Now, I have to pee in front of Jennifer Lopez. This is awful.’


So Kate did the only thing she could do, hold it in. She says “I’m gonna wait it out, I’m gonna just sit here while she finishes what she’s doing in the mirror.” This seems like a perfectly normal thing to do, however J.Lo took her time fixing her makeup because three minutes went by and poor Kate was still just waiting it out. In a completely empty bathroom, Kate still hadn’t made a sound. She called it a “standoff”.  She even texted her SNL co-star Aidy Bryant and asked her if she could come and pee with her in front of J.Lo so she wouldn’t be alone. But, Aidy didn’t come through. She texted Kate back “You’re on your own”

Eventually, after a few more minutes of silence, Kate finally did it. She peed in front of J.LO. Kate compared the sound of her own pee to “goats being slaughtered” and says she will never forget it.