Kylie Jenner Shows Off Stunning Christmas Tree

Kylie Jenner put up an extravagant Christmas tree in her home for all of Instagram to see. The beauty mogul captioned the video as “Tree day” and panned the camera up to the top of the tree so the viewers can see all of it. Jenner hired a team of decorators to set the tree up. She is in for a fun-filled holiday with a beautiful centerpiece!

A Family Affair

Family florist Jeff Leatham was in charge of setting the tree up and decorating it. He decorated the tree with fake snow and pretty, round ornaments. The Kardashian clan was extremely thankful for his help!

A Tree Reveal

The social media star created a playful post on Instagram about whether or not she should post a tree reveal on her YouTube. Jenner wants to excite fans by showing them off her happy home, with the tree and all. She will likely post lots of Christmas-themed photos and videos over the next several days.  Jenner likes to make the holidays special by showing off bedazzled decorations. She is taking the holiday spirit to the next level by providing family, friends and fans with a perfect tree and an even more perfect holiday.

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