Will Taylor Swift’s Award Be Taken Away After Cat School?

Taylor Swift along with the ensemble cast of Cats attended cat school as part of a segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Among the cat school students were Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, Rebel Wilson, Francesca Hayward and of course Taylor Swift. The director of Cats, Tom Hooper introduced who would be teaching them and James Corden made his entrance on all fours, as he pretended to be a cat.


The cast of cats came dressed in cat ears and cat onesies, obviously ready to learn and ready to win the prize of “Best in Show.” During cat school, the cast was put through many strange but comical tasks and acting exercises. In one segment Taylor took a sip from her water bottle and was reprimanded by James who told her that if she needed a refreshment then she had to drink from a saucer of milk. Before they lapped up their milk Rebel was able to sneak some booze into the saucer by distracting James.  Taylor then Joked that her Artist of the Decade award that she recently won, would be taken away from her after people saw her drinking milk from a saucer.

The rest of the segment had the cast go through even stranger tasks some of which was chasing a gigantic ball of yarn, insulting a dog, and using a litter box. As cat school came to an end, Andrew Lloyd Weber, who composed the music for Cats, came to award “Best in Show”. The award, along with a lifetime supply of meow mix, went to Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer, who has already won an Oscar for Dreamgirls reacted to her “Best in Show” win by saying “I mean, where do I go from here?” If only Taylor had won “Best in Show” to replace the Artis of the Decade award.


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