6 Chic Glamping Destinations To Try If You Don’t Like Camping

Glamping is glamorous camping for those of us who aren’t campers! You still get all the activities that come with camping — fishing, hiking, swimming, etc. But with a shower, a bed and everything else you’ll ever want! It’s actually the opposite of roughing it, it sounds super glamorous and perfect for a summer getaway!

Here are 6 destinations to go glamping this summer if camping is so not your jam!

Panacea at the Canyon. Culver, OR $350 a night.


Panacea is a great place to unwind and unplug. You’ll get a chic tent, holistic spa treatments and off the grid treatment. ¬†You’ll glamp in central Oregon near an alpaca farm, a lake and a winery.

Collective Vail of Collective Retreat. Denver, CO $500 a night


Glamp at Collective Vail with an onsight winery and horse trails located right in the middle of the Rockies for indulgence and exploration!

Mount Bohemia. Mohawk, MI. $285 a night.


Mount Bohemia is an adventure resort with biking, hiking, paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking and stargazing. Nature filled and action-packed is what you’ll experience here. Also a great option for winter camping and winter activities!

Moonbeams Bungalows, Horse Shoe, NC. $99 a night.


This price is a little better! Located next to the Moonbeam Mountains, the Bungalows offers an urban yet outdoorsy experience. It’s minutes away from hiking and kayaking and mere miles away from restaurants, music, and breweries.

Count us in for Moonbeams!

Eastwind Hotel. Windham, NY. $129 a night.


Glamp at Eastwind in the cutest little tent shape houses in a secluded wood. You’ll have Wifi, firepits and saunas. Privacy but Wifi. Not a bad gig!

Auto Camp. Russian River, CA. $180 a night.


Autocamp offers tents and custom airstreams in Sonoma wine country. Hop on a bike and ride to the winery during the day or relax by the river at night. There are locations in Yosemite and Santa Barbara!

Sandy Pines Campground. Kennebunkport, ME. $358 for 2 nights.


Get lobster delivered for breakfast in bed at Sandy Pines! The tents are cute and the campground has a general store, an ice cream cart, a saltwater pool and a playground!




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