How To Cover Hickeys Like A Pro

Hickeys happen but that doesn’t mean they don’t suck.  Let’s be real, they’re embarrassing in high school when you have to hide them from your parents but they’re way worse when you’re 23 and you have to figure out how to hide them for work. While 23 seems way too old to have a hickey it doesn’t mean you’re immune to them! With a big thank you to color correcting and full coverage makeup, you can cover up those suckers in no time, (pun intended) and be back to an organized, young professional.

Let’s take a look at how to cover a hickey so you can get back to business!

Color Correcting

Color correcting is a fairly new trend in the beauty community but it works really well at helping to cover blemishes. It’s not the lightest or most natural type of look but it will hide anything you need it too!

Basically what you do is look at a color wheel and you’re going to use the opposite of the color you’re trying to cover. So you have a red hickey on your neck? Grab a green, color correcting concealer to cancel out that redness. If it’s more purple go for a peach color.

You don’t need an expensive one for it to work.  This NYX one or this LA Girl one will get the job done.

After you use that color correcting concealer, go in with your concealer or foundation, typically something full coverage that masks it well.  Then powder up the area so it last’s all day, try not to touch and voila.  The hickeys on your neck are your little secret and you’re a professional, young adult.

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