New Year’s Resolutions Every College Student Should Make For Themselves

With the new year about to begin, it’s time to think about the future and how you’re going to better yourself within this new year. You obviously can’t control your life completely the way you want it, but there’s always a way to improve on things.

So consider the new year a fresh start for school. If you’re going to make some resolutions for the school year, it’s important not to slack and to stick with them. If you want to create a better school year for yourself but don’t know exactly where to start, no worries. Below is a list of some new year’s resolutions that every college student should think about doing in the new year.

Stop Making Excuses

At school, you may be making excuses a lot, like not going to class or not doing homework. In the end, that’s only going to hurt you more. So instead of procrastinating, or flaking on assignments, give yourself more motivated to get everything done. You will thank yourself later when you’re not stressing to get work done or worse, failing your classes!

Face ‘”Fomo: Head On

Every always has the “fear of missing out,” but don’t let that fear hold you back. If you can’t go out that Saturday with your friends, don’t stress over it. There are a million other Saturdays where you can go out with friends and have an exciting night. It’s okay to take some time to yourself to sleep or get work done. There will always be time to socialize.

Be More Confident

Be more confident in your decisions when it comes to school. When entering the new year, channel some inner confidence and own your adult decisions no matter people’s opinions. Go with your gut feeling, it always turns out to be an excellent decision.

Appreciate Every Victory

When in college, you can get caught up in all the work and stress it brings to you. One way to decrease that it to celebrate every victory that comes your way, even the small ones. Passed that major test? Treat yourself to some delicious food. Finally, finished that paper you were dreading? Celebrate with some relaxation. Pat yourself on the back for all the accomplishments you make. It will leave you with a positive mindset for the rest of the semester.

Make Time For Yourself

This is one of the most important things you need for yourself! No matter how much work you have, or all the plans you need to keep up with, always make sure you make time for yourself to relax and de-stress. Make a resolution that you’ll take a chill pill once in a while so you can recharge and start the next day feeling amazing. Making time for yourself will better your well being in the long run and make you feel refreshed.

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