Evan Rachel Wood Calls Cats “Maybe The Worst Thing I Have Seen In My Life”

Ever since the trailer came out we all knew Cats was going to delve into some creepy uncanny valley territory, but no one was prepared for how much Evan Rachel Wood hated cats. The Westworld star took to Instagram after seeing the movie and gave a very honest and expletive-filled review of the movie. Then went on a now-deleted Twitter rant about how the movie was “actually worse” than she expected. She deleted the twitter rant because she thought people would see it aimed towards the cast of the movie, which was not her intention.


However, she did post her live reaction and a few explanations of why she hated the movie so much. The hilarious video shows Evan repeatedly saying “What the Fuck?!” captioned with “#cats movie reaction.”

After her live reaction, she also posted a few more stories going into why she hated this remake. She made sure to emphasize that she does not blame the cast and that some of her ire came from how much was changed from the original musical. She also included that she knows what it feels like to be in a bad film, so she can relate to what the Cats cast is feeling.

Media personality, Eric Goldman responded to Evan saying that the movie felt like he was “on acid watching it. So utterly bizarre.” To which Evan responded with “Totally! Like my life is not in danger, but I feel like I’m going to die.”



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