Pepsi Café and Coffee Coke Is Here

Soda and coffee seems like a mixture that naturally shouldn’t happen. But to a caffeine enthusiast, the idea seems plausible.

Coca Cola Plus Coffee

The Coca Cola company announced Coke Blak which is a coffee-based coke with a larger intake of caffeine than the average soda.

Coco Cola Plus Coffee cans on top of coffee beans.


The concept isn’t new though. Coca-Cola tried launching a coffee version of coke in 2006, following along their Coke energy drink, Vault. The product did well in its Canadian and French versions, but the U.S. switched natural with acesulfame potassium and fructose corn syrup that ended up messing with the original flavor. The product only lasted for two years, until the introduction of Coke Blak in 2019.

Now, instead of the product being coffee-flavored, the brand redeveloped the drink to have actual coffee in it. They have also strayed away from the Coke Blak brand, redirecting towards Coca-Cola Plus Coffee to reflect other offerings.

Coca-Cola Plus Coffee will be available in 25 countries soon. The newly formulated beverage highlights Coke’s natural sweetness to be able to create a coffee-candy flavor that resonates with international audiences.

Pepsi Café

In competition though is the newly announced Pepsi Café. Adopting the same cola and coffee combo, the infusion is scheduled for release in 2020.

In terms of the drink’s anatomy, the brand isn’t lowering the amount of caffeine to make space for the additional caffeine from the coffee. Pepsi Café contains double the caffeine as a regular Pepsi beverage.

Pepsi has also kept in mind those who aren’t fans of black coffee with a vanilla flavor of the coffee-infused cola. For those who aren’t fond of flavored coffee, there’s the regular variety of the drink as well.

With the production of both Coca-Cola Plus Coffee and Pepsi Café, we have a very jittery and woke 2020 ahead of us.

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