See Kris Jenner’s Hilarious Instagram Live Fail

Kris Jenner might be the world’s best momager but we can’t forget she’s still a mom. And that includes letting technology get the best of you. During the Kardashian family’s annual Christmas party Kim Kardashian gave a heartfelt speech and Kris, tried to get the speech live on Instagram but, ran into some trouble.

In a story posted by Hrush Achemyan, a friend of Kim’s you can see Kris Jenner struggling to figure out Instagram live. Instead of recording her daughter’s speech, Kris has the camera on her own face. She tries a few different buttons on the screen, tapping around to flip the camera but just can’t figure it out. At the end of Kim’s speech, you can even see her start to ask someone for help.

Here’s the video from Kris’ point of view. You can see her confusion as the screen stays only on her face, missing her daughter’s speech entirely. At least you can hear it.

Everyone is laughing at Kris’ relatable mom antics, but its kind of an easy mistake to make. The filter option, the camera switching option, all the hearts blipping across the screen, it’s a bit confusing. Even though Kris missed recording Kim’s speech, she did give the internet a hilarious video that just encapsulates the parents on social media vibe.





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