Zac Efron’s Papua New Guinea Illness: Details and Updates

Zac Efron contracted a life-threating illness while filming his new survival reality TV show in Papua New Guinea. The illness reported being a bacterial infection, believed to be typhoid fever. Efron was airlifted to St. Andrews War Memorial Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. Typhoid fever is a potentially deadly illness caused by bacteria. It is treatable with antibiotics, but the new strains of antibiotic-resistant germs have quickly become a concern. Most cases of Typhoid fever have been reported in those traveling abroad.

After a few days of treatment in Australia, the star was cleared and released to return to the U.S. on Christmas Eve. Efron took to social media to confirm the rumors surrounding his illness and to thank the fans for their concern. 

His new show, “Killing Zac Efron” involves the star spending 21 days completely off the grid with “nothing but basic gear, a guide partner and a will to survive.” The show is to be streamed through the platform Quibi which is to be released in April 2020. Efron claims he thrives in extreme circumstances and seeks out opportunities that challenge him on several levels. The overall premise and excitement is to explore uncharted territory and discover awaiting unexpecting adventures.

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