How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

If you are planning to celebrate the occasion by purchasing a new pair of shades, we have some very important tips for you. When searching for the perfect pair of SGs, choose a pair that fits well and balances your features. Below is a guide to which styles of sunglasses flatter which type of face.
When buying the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face shape, you should actually know your face shape. There are four types of face shapes: round (the width and length are about the same), square (your jawline is strong and your forehead is broad), oval (long and thin, with a chin slightly narrower than your forehead) and heart-shaped (wider at the forehead but narrower at the chin).

Round Faces: Wayfarers or Square Frames

The angular lines of the wayfarers or square frames add definition and balance to the roundness of your face, almost like contoured cheekbones. Avoid circular frames, particularly smaller ones, as they will make your face appear more round.

Square Faces: Round Frames

A strong face shape can be softened by choosing frames with curved or rounded corners. The larger your face, the larger the frames should be and they should extend past the widest part of your face.

Heart-Shaped Faces: Aviators

Unlike those with round or square faces, those with heart-shaped faces will want to mimic their features with their style of frames. If you have small, delicate features, do not choose large, heavy frames. However, if you have more dramatic features, you can choose larger frames.

Oval Faces: Anything

Those lucky enough to have an oval-shaped face can pull off just about any style of sunglasses. However, be aware that size should be proportional to your features. Also, there should not be a large gap between the sides of your face and your sunglasses, so avoid frames that are too wide.

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