Jobs That Allow You to Travel The World Right Out of College

Planning out your next move after college can be stressful. Especially when you want to use your 20’s to explore the world, but also get ahead in your career and use your degree. It seems like a catch-22, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some jobs that allow you to travel the world immediately after graduating and allows you to still get work experience.

1. Become a Teacher

This one may not seem that obvious at first, but many non-English speaking countries would kill for a native American speaker with a college degree to teach English. There are many programs out there specifically for recent grads to teach English in countries like Spain, Japan, S.Korea, France, Italy and more. Most programs will pay for your housing/ help with living expenses and also pay you a monthly check for teaching.

2. Become a Flight Attendant

This is probably one of the most obvious jobs you can do out of college and most competitive. There are many different airlines you can apply to become a flight attendant for both domestic and international companies. Also for the most part flight attendant schedules are very flexible and can be altered to better suit your lifestyle. There are many flight attendant groups on Facebook all about helping aspiring flight attendants land their dream job.

3. Become a Nurse

Travel nursing is HUGE. All you need is a bachelor’s some experience in a hospital and you too can apply to be a travel nurse. Travel nurses have to the choice of working domestically or internationally and go to hospitals where there are nursing shortages. This means you can potentially live anywhere you want. Travel nursing contacts are usually 3 months to 1 year the travel nursing company you work for should accommodate you with housing. Also, travel nursed make more than regular nurses.

4. Become an Au Pair

Au Pairing is pretty much like being a nanny, but you live with the family and they take off your housing, food, and travel expenses, and they pay you a monthly check. If you’re someone who loves kids than this job is for you. You can au pair where ever you want in America or abroad. There are many websites dedicated to matching au pairs with families. Just do your research and make sure you get with a legit company.

5. Become a Travel blogger

This one may take some time for you to build a revenue, but once you get income flowing it can become a stable job for you. This is perfect for aspiring journalist and writers who want to gain exposure and travel the world. You might want to start out with traveling in the US, for cost sake and to help gain a following.

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