5 Signs You May Be Spending Too Much Time With Your Partner & Need To Take A Break

No one likes a stage-five clinger, and too much of a good thing can get stale quicker than you may like. We all know that when you’re in a relationship, it can be so tempting to want to spend practically all your free time and every waking moment with your partner but doing that can actually do more damage than you’d think. Not only is being around your bae too much potentially detrimental to your relationship but not giving your partner space and hanging around them too much makes you look clingy AF and super needy. Being in love and happy in a relationship is great, but spending too much time with your boo can be a huge turn-off.
Before you wind up causing some damage, take a look at these five signs that you may be spending too much time with your partner.

1. You Haven’t Had Any Alone Time In A Long Time

clingy girlfriend
If you can’t remember the last time you made the conscious decision to spend some time apart from your partner, that may be a clear indication that you need to take a step back. Self-care and being by yourself are just as important as spending time with your bae when you’re in a relationship. Neglecting your alone time and self-preservation is a terrible habit to start once you’re in a relationship so taking some time to step back and “do you” from time to time is critical.

2. You’re On The Do Not Invite List

Sometimes when you’re in a relationship, we can sometimes forgo and pass on invites out with friends and instead choose to stay home with bae. However eventually, after passing on girls nights and parties one too many times you can quickly find yourself on the “Do Not Invite” list indefinitely.
Your friends are not gonna tell you that you’re pretty much ditching them for bae because they want you to be happy. BUT that also means that they aren’t gonna tell you that you’re no longer getting invited to things because you’ve been declining invites since hooking up with your boo. Getting so lost in your relationship that you lose sight of your friends and opportunities to socialize without your partner is not healthy. If you find that you are no longer getting invited to things, it may be time to reassess why and consider that it may have to do with your relationship.

3. You’re Getting On One Another’s Nerves

clingy girlfriend
There will come a time when your partner will get on your nerves and vice versa. However, if you and bae are getting on one another’s nerves a bit too often or early on in the relationship, it could be because you’re spending a bit too much time together. The more you’re around a person, the more likely you are to pick up on their little quirks and bad habits.
If you and your boo spend every waking moment together, you’re bound to get on one another’s nerves eventually. If you and your partner are at one another’s throats, it may be a sign that you two need to spend some time apart.

4. The Conversation Has Taken A Huge Lull

clingy girlfriend
If you find that you and your boo are running out of things to talk about a bit too quickly, that could be a sign that you’re spending too much time together. Sometimes for a conversation to start, something has to happen first. If you both are always together, you’re not allowing for anything to happen.
Sure you’re experiencing the same things together, but by doing that, you’re stifling one another and a possible conversation. Give your bae some space, and when you both meet up again, you’ll have plenty to talk about and will be able to fill one another in on what’s going on in your lives.

5. You Haven’t Seen Your Girlfriends In Ages

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If you can’t remember the last time you sat down to have brunch with your girls, or find that you spend most of your time trying to get all caught with your girlfriends every time you meet, that is a clear sign that you may be spending way too much time with bae. Sure your relationship may be great, but it’s important not to neglect your girls and continue to make them a priority when you’re in a relationship.
Maintaining your friendships when you’re in a relationship is just as important and shouldn’t lag when someone new is in the picture.

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