The 5 Secrets Women Always Keep From Men… Shh Don't Tell Them

Whether you’re in a new relationship, old relationship or just tend to have a ton of male friends women have a hard time opening up and telling everything to a man. Of course, as time goes on, she will get more comfortable, but even then sometimes there are just always going to be things off-limits.
Men can say women are hard to figure out or women can be stubborn, but it’s because sometimes they feel like men would judge them for certain things. From how much we weigh to well we have the same bodily functions as any man does and plenty more.
Here are five secrets women do their best to keep hidden from their men.

How Much We Weigh

Our Body Count Of Past Partners

We Need Affection…Like A lot

 Our Bodily Functions Are Just Like Yours

Ever Heard Of Peach Fuzz? We Have It

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