The 5 Secrets Women Always Keep From Men… Shh Don't Tell Them

Whether you’re in a new relationship, old relationship or just tend to have a ton of male friends women have a hard time opening up and telling everything to a man. Of course, as time goes on, she will get more comfortable, but even then sometimes there are just always going to be things off-limits.
Men can say women are hard to figure out or women can be stubborn, but it’s because sometimes they feel like men would judge them for certain things. From how much we weigh to well we have the same bodily functions as any man does and plenty more.
Here are five secrets women do their best to keep hidden from their men.

How Much We Weigh


No matter if you’re in the best shape of your life or have been slacking on your health, the scale is always a bit of a scary place to be. It’s even scarier for your man to be standing there while you do it or even worse, ask how much you weigh after you’ve done it.
The scale doesn’t tell everything, but it can still affect how you feel about yourself. The last thing a woman wants to do is talk about her insecurities with her man. It’s a woman’s business, and no one else needs to know, it’s that simple.

Our Body Count Of Past Partners


For some reason, it is okay for men to talk all about their past hookups and relationships because to their friends it makes them look like the man, but if a woman goes around and talks about it, she’s looked down upon.
Because of this, women don’t really open up too much about their past relationships. First off, it’s not that much of a conversation starter with your new man, and second, a woman doesn’t want him to look down on her because she’s had a past. It’s better off kept a secret.

We Need Affection…Like A lot


It’s always just assumed that women are more affectionate than men because they show their feelings more and are more vulnerable than most men are. However, most women don’t want to live up to their expectations too much because then they look needy.
Women need attention, it’s just a fact. Some are more independent than others, but at the end of the day, nothing’s better than having a romantic evening with your man. And men, don’t fool us women with your guard up so much, we know you have a soft side too.

 Our Bodily Functions Are Just Like Yours


Not to get a little TMI but yes boys women do go #1 and #2 just like you do. Just because women do so doesn’t mean they like to announce it like men do, it’s not the most ladylike thing to say. However, some women just don’t care and hold nothing back, more power to you girl!
According to men, women never go #2 it’s just not a real thing, well news flash boys women certainly do, and we’d appreciate it if you all were more discrete about it as a majority of women are.

Ever Heard Of Peach Fuzz? We Have It


Everyone knows men grow facial hair, but guess what, so do girls. Now obviously females don’t grow it like men do but every woman has a little bit of peach fuzz they’re self-conscious about. Most of the time women will wax their upper lip or get their facial hair lasered off and some even shave their face every so often.
The last thing a woman wants to tell her boyfriend is, “I need to go shave my face this morning, I’ve got a ton of peach fuzz on my upper lip.” No matter if you tell your man or not, don’t be embarrassed by it because almost every single woman has peach fuzz on her face.

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