5 BFF Bonding Traditions To Start With Your First College Roommate

The start of the school year is just around the corner, and for incoming college freshman, it’s such an exciting time of the year. The fact that you will be off on your own and away from your parents to do whatever you want sounds like the best experience of your life, and if you play it right, college really can be a fantastic experience.
Being a freshman means living in the dorms, and for some, you choose to live with one of your high school BFFs, be careful about choosing that route, just saying. As for others, you decided to select your roommate at random, and that may be a bit intimidating at first.
Instead of trying to live your college life separate from your roommate’s life, get to know them and who knows you two could end up being BFFs for life. Here are five BFF bonding traditions you should start with your first college roommate and see where they take you.

Grocery Shop Together


Starting college means you have to start doing things on your own like doing your laundry, keeping your room clean, grocery shopping, and more. Instead of going to the grocery store all alone take your roommate with you.
You’re both going to have to figure out who uses what part of the mini fridge and how to store your other items so it would be smart to go together and see what all you two need. It’s also a fun bonding experience for you both to explore this new chapter in your lives and gush about your favorite foods.

Decorate Your Dorm For the Holidays


Did you even go to college if you didn’t decorate your dorm room with Christmas lights and decorations? Decorating your dorm room for whatever holiday you celebrate is an enjoyable thing to do with your roommate.
You two can put on some holiday music, get in your festive pajamas and decorate all night long. Also instead of buying expensive holiday decorations ask your family if they have any leftover or go to Dollar Tree and pick out some inexpensive yet festive decorations.

Explore Your College Town


Being in a new town can be scary, and doing alone can be even worse. Instead of being too shy to explore your beautiful campus, go out with your roommate and explore together.
You two can walk your class schedules, check out some of the go-to restaurants on campus or just walk around and see what you run into. It’s a great bonding experience and not only allows you two to grow closer but see the campus and get familiar with it too.

Go To Sporting Events Together


Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or don’t really have an opinion about them, it’s always a staple to attend at least one school sporting event. There are so many different sports at most universities so choose the one that you and your roommate seem to be interested in the most.
You’ll be able to spend quality time together, have fun watching sports and who knows maybe you two will make some friends while you’re at the game. You never know what opportunities and adventures are out there until you take a chance and explore everything in college, (so cliche but entirely accurate).

Make A “Dorm Room Cleaning Day” Playlist


Let’s face it, after a few months of living in the dorms you’re going to start to get lazy and not clean up as much as you were at the start of the year. There’s going to be a point where you and your roommate realize how much of a mess your room actually is.
Instead of dreading the cleaning up process, make a killer dorm room cleaning playlist and blast it while you two clean up. You can dance to your favorite songs together and clean at the same time. Who doesn’t love a roomie dance party every now and then?

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GLAAD Media Awards 2020: Netflix, HBO Lead Nominations
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