5 BFF Bonding Traditions To Start With Your First College Roommate

The start of the school year is just around the corner, and for incoming college freshman, it’s such an exciting time of the year. The fact that you will be off on your own and away from your parents to do whatever you want sounds like the best experience of your life, and if you play it right, college really can be a fantastic experience.
Being a freshman means living in the dorms, and for some, you choose to live with one of your high school BFFs, be careful about choosing that route, just saying. As for others, you decided to select your roommate at random, and that may be a bit intimidating at first.
Instead of trying to live your college life separate from your roommate’s life, get to know them and who knows you two could end up being BFFs for life. Here are five BFF bonding traditions you should start with your first college roommate and see where they take you.

Grocery Shop Together

Decorate Your Dorm For the Holidays

Explore Your College Town

Go To Sporting Events Together

Make A “Dorm Room Cleaning Day” Playlist

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