The 10 Lazy Girl Makeup Hacks To Save Time & Still Look Good

So you want to look good but you don’t want to wake up super early and spend an hour + getting ready to do so? We feel you. You don’t have to spend an hour on your makeup with a full cut crease, contour and cat-eye to look good!
Here are 10 lazy girls, makeup hacks that’ll allow you to do the bare minimum, save time and still look great!

Spot Conceal

If you can, forgo a foundation and grab a concealer to spot-conceal the areas that need coverage. Maybe a blemish, redness or dark circles.  Only covering the areas that need it will save a ton of time!  Go with a full coverage concealer since you really need it to cover!
Tarte Shape Tape or Too Faced Born This Way Concealer are great options!

Mix Liquid Bronzer with A Tinted Moisturizer

Want a bronzed look but don’t have time to contour and dip into a bunch of different products? Mix a liquid bronzer into a tinted moisturizer, sunscreen or BB cream and rub it all over your face! It’ll add coverage and bronze the skin. Add a little bit of mascara or concealer if you need it and you’re out the door!

Use Bronzer as Eyeshadow

Use bronzer as an eyeshadow. After you bronze your face, put some in the crease and there’s your eyeshadow look for the day! Easy, natural and very little time is needed! If you don’t use bronzer, use your blush on the eyelids for a brighter look!

Use Primer on Your Sponge

Save time by dipping your sponge in your primer to get the long-lasting effects in a quicker time frame. If you don’t use a primer before, you can spritz your sponge with your setting spray to help your makeup last longer too.

Look For Multi-Use Products

Look for multi-use products. This Bite Beauty multi-stick can be used on eyes, cheeks, and lips!  It’s easy and you can use your fingers to blend it in for a quick application!

Don’t Bake

If you want a quick, makeup routine don’t bake because it takes extra time and it’s always messy! If you still need powder, apply setting powder with your sponge and buff away!


If you want a quick makeup routine, you won’t have time to do full foundation, an eyeshadow look, cat-eye, contour, blush, highlighter and a lip.  Pick your favorites and go with it! I always go for bronzer and highlighter because I like a bronze glowy look and if I have that I can skimp on the rest of the face and keep it simple.

Use Your Fingers

If you need to do your makeup quickly, use your fingers! It’ll warm up the product and allow it to blend in better.  Plus, you won’t have to worry about what brush to grab or to wet your sponge.

Conceal Undereyes With a Triangle

If you conceal the undereye area with a triangle, it’ll conceal all dark circle and puffiness!  Plus you won’t have to use foundation because you’ll have extra coverage.  It’ll save time and you won’t have to use a color corrector to conceal dark circles!

Use a Brow Gel

If you don’t have totally sparse brows, put down the brow pencil and go with a brow gel to fill them it. A brow gel is so quick and easy to use!

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