The 10 Signs That You Overshare Your Relationship

Do you share too much about your relationship? It’s ok to talk about it with friends and get advice! Every girl should do that with their friends but at the same time, what goes on between you and your partner doesn’t need to be everyone’s business. You want privacy and you don’t want to be one of those girls that only talk about their significant other!
Here are 10 signs that you overshare your relationship.

You tell your friend every little cute/stupid/annoying thing that they do.

Your relationship is your favorite thing to talk about.

You don’t consider anything off limits.

You share their secrets.

You and your S.O  have gotten into an argument before about oversharing private info.

Your friends tease you about how much you talk about your relationship.

You can’t think of anything private in your relationship.

You use your social media to showcase your entire relationship.

Your friends say they feel like they’re in your relationship.

You start a conversation with “TMI but….”

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