Jamie Foxx Can't Handle Leg Day

Despite Jamie Foxx’s toned upper body, he confessed that his legs are not his greatest strength. In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, Jamie discussed a video of him doing pull-ups on a yacht in Miami. No big deal. Accompanied by his family, Jamie celebrated his mother’s 77th birthday on JR and Loren Ridinger’s yacht. Which sparked the pretty impressive video of Jamie doing some effortless looking pull-ups.


While Jamie’s arms have no trouble, he told Ellen that “2020, I’ve got to do legs.” He explains that he is “big at the top but sort of small at the bottom. Like I could beat you up, but I can’t chase you.” He even admits that back in 2019 he took a women’s “butt burn” workout class and could not believe how much it hurt the next day. He mimics what he felt the day after, falling off the chair and dragging himself on the floor with his arms. Ellen could not stop laughing.
He also revealed that his daughter, Annalise Bishop shares his athleticism and is pretty skilled in basketball. According to Jamie, she plays on an all-boys team and used to be a little left out. The boys never passed the ball to her. Jamie continues, “But then, 16 points, 12-rebounds, 6 blocks later and she wins the game. She’s now like the go-to.” Maybe Annalise can give Jamie some tips on leg day.

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