Top 10 Best Daily Planners For 2020

In the digital era, it’s common to overlook the methods of physical paper organization. The traditional method doesn’t get accidentally deleted, doesn’t run out of battery and just looks so much more glamorous and elegant pulling out a planner from your bag than pulling out a phone. This list includes agendas for those who are religious with their organization or for those who are aspiring organizers. Not only are they eye-catching and productivity-boosting but they will also keep you on track through the year.

Planner with pen on top and multi-colored sticky notes.


2020 Wild Rose Jumbo Booklet Planner 

A monthly agenda with flower illustrations inside and outside. The pages include sections for important dates, notes with plenty of room for appointments within the calendar grid itself.

Perfect for business and travel planning, bullet and fitness journals. Each day gets its own page so there’s plenty of space to track your projects and organize your schedule.

2019-2020 Wave After Wave Planner 

An academic planner with a vibrant wave print on the cover. The spiral planner holds weekly and monthly pages and also includes stickers, color-coded tabs, an interior pocket, a pen loop, and a gold elastic band enclosure.

2020 Panama Agenda with Pocket

Sea green pocket agenda in crocodile-embossed calf leather. Silk lined, with light gold slide and slip pocket. Weekly view layout.

Riley Petite 2020 Planner 

12-month planner from January 2020 – December 2020. 102-page agenda that also includes a pen, monthly pages, month tabs, notes sections, contact pages, and interior back pocket.

2020 Vegan Leather Dusty Plum Planner 

Interior features include monthly and weekly views, ribbon bookmark, world times, a constellation map, 4-year calendar overview, important dates calendar, holiday overviews, guided bucket list and goals, a bill tracker, and moon phases.

Pencil You in 2020 Daily Planner 

A vintage-inspired fabric bound 2020 daily planner. Every page features the holiday of the day, celebrity birthdays and bits of trivia.

Daily Calendar Pad

A non-dated calendar notepad to start using any time of the year. 6 months worth of sheets with 31 days per month.

2020 Planner

Sleek design planner with goal-setting pages and sticker markers. It also includes note sections, monthly and weekly layouts.

17-Month Monogram Custom Planner 

Exclusive design that can be personalized with a name. Includes two pockets in front, two sticker sheets, monthly and weekly views, a “special dates” section and two “notes” sections in the front and back.


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