Harry Styles Offering To Watch Someones Dog Makes Him 1000 Times Cuter

The world already knows that Harry Styles is one of the most attractive men on this planet but, a stranger’s encounter with him just proves that he is even better than we think. Twitter user Yusufyuie started a now-viral Twitter thread asking people about the most awkward interesting celebrity encounter they’ve had. Rory Carroll came in with the best story about meeting Harry Styles.


According to Rory, on January 17th, 2018, Rory was trying to pick up a takeout order from a restaurant in Hollywood. However, he couldn’t enter the building because he had his dog, Oscar, with him. Harry Styles of all people saw what was happening, tapped Rory on the shoulder and offered to watch Oscar while Rory went in and got his order.

Fans went wild over this story. For some, this just confirmed their love for Styles.

Others were concerned about a new look for Styles. But, dont worry this picture is from 2018.

Either way, this story is a welcome reminder to “Treat People With Kindness” which is also a song on Style’s new album Fine Line. 


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