Why Does Kim Kardashian Only Have Milk In Her Fridge?

Does Kim Kardashian only feed her kids milk? Thankfully no. In an Instagram video posted on January 8, 2020 Kim posted a picture of her standing in front of her fridge to promote her new Skims Cotton Collection and everyone was worried about the state of the fridge. All that was in it was milk and water bottles, and while it was quite a variety it was still concerning. She has four kids, she cant only have milk in her fridge. Where are the snacks?

Thankfully, Kim cleared everything up with an updated tour of her fridge, or should I say fridges because she has five of them. She posted a tour of her giant main fridge, showing that it is fully stocked with fruits, veggies, and a lot more than just milk. She first shows her pantry which has everything stored in glass jars, even the sprinkles. We love a sustainable queen. She then shows off her frozen yogurt machine which made pretty much everyone jealous. She even explains the reason why she has so many different kinds of milk, each of her kids like to use a different kind.
She continues the tour showing her main fridge, which is basically a mini supermarket and has plenty of vegetables and nutritious foods. She shows her second pantry, another fridge, a freezer and the dinner she was planning to have that night: plant-based tacos. Now everyone can rest easy knowing that Kim Kardashian’s kids aren’t starving.