The 5 Trendy Swimsuits To Buy For Spring Break

Spring is quickly approaching us and that means break time and swimsuit season! Warmer weather is always something to look forward to, especially when it involves shopping for new bathing suits.
Prepare yourself for your upcoming spring break trip or stock up on cute bathing suits for the summer months with these cute options from some of the most affordable stores like Revolve, Forever 21 and Shein. High-waisted suits and colorful suits are particularly in style this season, so check out some of our suggestions down below!

Tassel Trim High Waist Bikini

This swimsuit from Revolve is a fan-favorite this season. It’s already been posted to Instagram numerous times by fashion bloggers enjoying their spring vacations. The high-waist and tassel details are on-trend and this style comes in numerous other color combinations for more fashion fun.
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Yellow High Leg Bathing Suit

Yellow is one of the most popular colors for spring and summer this season. Yellow items can be found in just about every store and this color makes for a cheerful swimsuit perfect for soaking up the sun with. The tie-front detail and high-waist are both in style and fashionable for a spring break trip!
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Leopard Print Bikini

Leopard print is easily the trend of the year in fashion. This print is on shirts, shoes, belts and now bathing suits! Soak up the sun in one of the trendiest bathing suit styles of the season. Pair it with any accessories like black sunglasses or simple jewelry because it’s a neutral print and easy to style.
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Striped Bikinis

The popular color block sweater trend is now transitioning over to bathing suits for spring and summer. Swimsuits with bright colors, stripes and a ruched material at the top are popular and sold in stores like Romwe and Forever 21. A fun, colorful way to brighten up the warmer months or while on vacation!
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Bright Bikinis

The neon color trend is taking the fashion industry by storm this season. Bright and neon colors are styled with dark wash jeans and skirts to make the color pop and now this trend is transitioning over to swimsuits for summer. Bring a little pop of color along on a vacation or simply to pair with a neutral wardrobe for a fun twist.
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